Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions

We are keen on making our terms and conditions very clear to ensure maximum transparency.

• The description of accommodation, facilities and services places (to name a few, the hotel classification information, from the point of stars number provided on (Melgo) Platform considered an information provided by service providers. Please, note that suppliers used different terms to describe the accommodation, facilities and services places, if you unsure of the presented description on (Melgo) platform, second party have to contact travel consultants in Melgo, whom will answer your question in way that is more appropriate.

• The suppliers that (Melgo) platform deal with shall commit to the specific conditions, and it be included in the system during booking.

• Reserving shall take place only in the serious booking, (Melgo) platform reserve the right to cancel bookings that turn to be (withdraw the possibility) for different hotels in different places in the same period.

• Frist party reserve the right of cancel the booking in event there is wrong in loading price, which result in unrealistic amount of the booking.

• The clients shall access to all specific conditions and important information related to bookings.

• It is necessary to make sure that all information of the booking appropriately done. (Second party will be full responsible for any fees collected for given incorrect information).

• All canceled reservation submits to platform canceled based on reservation policy.

• All amendments on reservations submit based on amendments policy. Otherwise, the same dates and penalties of cancel policy will be executed.

• Any one of these special requests (Early check-in, leaving time delay, higher floor reservation, connected rooms and non-smoke rooms) carried out only by the hotel, and first party does not reserve the right to execute these special requests.

• In case of several bookings, the amount of each booking shall be deducted.

• Most of hotels require the payment, against logging in to additional services, to be in cash or through credit card. Such amount of payment shall be returned after logging out in case of not using these services. Frist party shall not be responsible for the value of additional services incurred by guests.

• Your voucher shall be issued with prices of the confirmed bookings.

• Some hotels might offer low prices in reception department. In such case, no claim against prices shall be accepted in case of the existence of prices lower than the prices available on (Melgo) platform.

• In case of delay or not receiving your booking, confirmation e-mail and deducting the value of this booking, please contact us before implementing any other step regarding making another booking. In case of not contacting us, first party shall not be responsible for repeating your booking or any other booking from you and the client shall pay the value of these bookings in case of cancellation according to the terms and conditions of booking.

• In case, that client leave the hotel without inform first party firstly by telephone, the client will not recovery reservation amount and first party will try to support.

• In case of any compliant, this compliant must support by proofs and evidences in order to consider and resolve it, second party must inform first party during one day of the problem.

• Refunded amounts usually take between 1-30 Days based on Suppliers conditions; Refunded duration will be updated automatically. I will be credited to second party balance, once first party receive it directly.

Amendment and cancellation is subject to service provider.

• In case of absence of a fine for service provider, the full amount shall be returned to second party 's account.

• In case of existence of a fine for service provider, fine shall be deducted as well as commission of first party.

• In case of amendment, the fine of amendment shall be calculated as well as the commission of first party.

• In case of void, a fine shall be calculated against cancellation. We recommend if booking not genuine, select book now & Pay later as a payment method not using Agent deposit.

• In case of refund, a fine for service provider shall be calculated as well as the commission of first party.

• In case of amendment, the fine of amendment shall be calculated as well as the price difference, if any, for the service provider, as well as the commission of first party.

• PT - ‘Payment time out’: payment for the booking was not finished on time, the maximum waiting time before timeout is 30 minutes.

• NO - ‘Not booked’: Booking information is stored in the database only, no request sent to the supplier yet.

• PP - ‘Payment pending’: The bank provider of the Partner is checking the bank card that was used to pay for the booking.

• PC - ‘Payment cancelled’: The Partner cancelled the payment.

• PF - ‘Payment failed’: Credit card payment is failed. This status applies also when the bank provider does not accept the bank card that was used due to security reasons.

• RQ - ‘On request’: The booking request is sent to the supplier, but the Provider does not receive the supplier’s final status. It changes to a final status C - Confirmed, RJ - Failed or X – Cancelled. This status applies also when the booking is made at the last minute and supplier that provides this booking is checking that no overbooking is done.

• P - ‘Pending’: The booking request is sent to the supplier and the Provider waits for its final booking status.

• C - ‘Confirmed’: The booking is successfully done and is confirmed by the supplier.

• X - ‘Cancelled’: The booking is cancelled.

• RJ - ‘Failed’: The booking is failed.

• DI - ‘Document issued’: the booking is confirmed, and the document is issued.

• V - ‘Voiding’: The Partner wants to cancel the booking at the same day as it was booked. This is applicable for the bookings that have the booking status ‘Confirmed’ and document status ‘Issued’. Voiding is possible only the same day of the booking day before 23:55 of the same day according to the rules of the suppliers’ and penalties form the airlines (ADM).

• DN -: Document is not issued.

• TR - ‘Ticket requested’: Pending status for ticketing.

• R/C - ‘Rebook/Change’: The Partner wants to change the booking that has the booking.

• status ‘Confirmed’ and document status ‘Issued’. Request to change the ticket shall be done through support system and is conducted according to the rules of the suppliers.

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